Ready Mix Concrete For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Though residential concrete delivery is not our primary focus; we will deliver concrete to your home for DIY projects. For Residential Concrete Orders Call Our Customer Service Representatives at 515-386-3881. A few things to know before you order:

- Calculate The Right Amount of Concrete You Need

   Use our concrete calculator to determine  how many cubic yards you need for your project. 

- Order Concrete When You Are Ready For Delivery

   Hamilton Redi-Mix dispatches drivers when they are needed. Please ensure your project is ready for concrete offloading when we arrive

- Tell Us What Your Need Is

   Concrete is mixed to your specifications and that mix can vary based on the project. Don't know what you need? We'll be happy to make suggestions. 

- Payment is Due Upon Delivery

   Hamilton Redi-Mix Concrete accepts check upon delivery or you can arrange for credit or debit card payment when you order  


Customer Service
(515) 386-3881