Hamilton Redi-Mix offers ready-mixed concrete for commercial, municipal, agricultural, and residential projects; from a variety of standard concrete mix designs as well as the ability to customize a concrete mix for your project.

We also offer numerous additives including polypropylene fibers, normal-, mid-range, and high range water reducers, accelerators, retarders, etc. to enhance the performance of the concrete during and after the placement.

Hamilton Redi-Mix also owns and operates a sand and gravel pit offering delivery and pickup of additional products including:

Commercial Concrete Ordering

Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives 
(888) 386-3881

Washed Sand
(meets the requirements of ASTM C33 and IDOT 4110 specifications)

Washed Pea Rock
(meets the requirements of IDOT 4131 for Poruous Bacfill and IDOT for intermediate concrete aggregate)

Pit Run Gravel

Washed 1.5” River Rock Oversized River Rock (4”-8”)

Topsoil and Fill Dirt

Additionally, we offer a aggregate trucking services for other products such as limestone aggregates available from other producers in our market area. Please contact us to inquire about trucking services in your area.